COVID-19 Prevention at the community level

Though the researchers across the globe are putting their limitless efforts to understand novel coronavirus, they are yet to learn more about it. This creates the importance of prevention strategies to cope with the infection from entering a community level. Here, we present some brief guidelines for the community and non-healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of the virus.

For person suspected or confirmed with COVID-19:

  1. Cleaning and disinfection of areas visited by the ill person such as ATM, keyboards, remote controls, touch screen, tablets, etc.

  2. Increase the ventilation of the area for air circulation

  3. Limit the entry of people in the facility

  4. Isolate the ill person or provide temporary housing

  5. Follow interim guidelines shared by Government or Health authorities.

  6. If it is more than 7 days since the ill person has visited any facility, no additional cleaning is required

The cleaning staff has high chances of infection due to direct exposure to contaminated places. Proper preventive measures are very much important for them to subside the coronavirus menace at the community level. This includes:

  1. Cleaning staff should wear disposable gloves to any contaminated material and dispose them carefully post use.

  2. Any breaches in safety suits (PPE), gloves, and masks must be reported immediately.

  3. Cleaning hands often is mandatory for cleaning staff to avoid any cross-contamination and spread of infection.

  4. Avoid touching nose, eyes, mouth, and face as much as possible.

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