COVID-19 Fatigue May be More Prevalent in Diabetic Patients

Post COVID-19 syndrome (PCS) has not been explained by any alternative diagnosis. Diabetes influences PCS via various pathophysiological mechanisms. A prospective study in which 108 patients were included (cases- diabetic & COVID-19, 52; controls- diabetic and non-COVID, 56) was carried out to determine the prevalence of fatigue in patients with Type-2 Diabetes (T2D) after COVID-19 infection. The average time of presentation of a patient’s post-COVID was 92 days. Assessment of fatigue was done using Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFQ-11) and assessment of Handgrip Strength was performed to estimate muscle strength. In addition, biochemical investigations were done.

Results showed that 53% of T2D patients who suffered from COVID-19 had significant fatigue whereas 37% had fatigues in those without COVID-19. Furthermore, patients with COVID-19 and fatigue score (FS) >4 had more symptoms of shortness of breath and weakness and had more weight loss than those with FS <4. Moreover, patients with FS>4 also had significantly higher TSH, lower serum albumin, higher PPBG, IL-6, and ferritin levels when compared with patients with COVID-19 having FS<4. Handgrip strength was also significantly reduced in patients with COVID 19.

In conclusion, T2D patients who had COVID-19 showed significantly more fatigue when compared with patients who did not have COVID-19. Management of post-COVID-19 fatigue should be multidisciplinary including physicians, psychological counsellors, nutritionists, and physical therapy experts. Blood glucose and blood pressure should be controlled optimally. Regular exercise and physiotherapy should be started after COVID-19 as it may benefit not only fatigue but also cardiovascular, pulmonary, and mental fitness.

Ref Link: NCBI


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