COVID-19 and Healthcare Professionals

The rising number of COVID-19 cases addresses the need to aggressively handle the situations. One of the crucial considerations for this is to conserve the valuable healthcare resources and limiting the exposure of healthcare professionals to the virus. Here are some of the key points that need to be considered while limiting their exposure, other resources and focusing on important issues:

  1. Current and projected COVID-19 cases in the community and region

  2. Implementation of telehealth or telemedicine services for virtual check-ups and remote monitoring of cases

  3. Efficient supply of PPEs, face shields, gloves, masks, etc.

  4. Sufficient availability of the healthcare staff to ease the burden

  5. The capacity of medical office, hospital or ambulatory service location

  6. Availability and capacity of the testing facility in the local community

  7. Identifying the average age and health conditions of the patients and associated risk of severity of the condition

  8. Estimating the urgency of the treatment or services and prioritizing accordingly.

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