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Coronavirus vaccine update: Moderna to start last stage testing in July.

With the rise of the spread of the virus, scientists, medical experts, and researchers across the globe are working in unprecedented ways to develop any treatment for COVID-19. The viral contagion is spreading at an exponential rate globally and as of now, more than 7 million people have been tested positive for the disease. As of now, there are more than 150 groups all over the world that are developing various vaccines for COVID-19 and currently, 10 of them have entered the clinical trial phase. The experts maintain that a vaccine fit for human use can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to develop and hence only the nonclinical measures like social distancing will help with the containing of the spread. Johnson & Johnson, which is being touted as another major player in developing a vaccine to combat novel coronavirus is slated to begin its human trials next month i.e. July which is considered two months before the expected time frame. In another positive development, US-based drug giant Moderna is all set to start dosing 30,000 volunteers with its RNA-based vaccine along with a placebo shot for the final stage testing. Drug giant Eli Lilly’s has said that its antibody-drug to treat the novel coronavirus patients can be available as quickly as September. The company is currently testing three antibody therapies to cure COVID 19, one of which is slated to enter clinical trials in the coming weeks.

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