Coronavirus vaccine – latest update:

As the world scrambles to stem the pandemic, the US government top infectious disease expert has provided some hope of some vaccine being ready as early as November even as epidemiologists warn the novel coronavirus will not go away entirely and is likely to remain for the upcoming years to come. Scientists stated that the virus might become endemic like HIV or measles and chickenpox in a report in The Washington Post. Meanwhile, US biotech company, “Novavax” which has started human trials of its vaccine for COVID-19 virus i.e., “NVX-CoV2373” earlier this week, is buying a manufacturing plant from the Serum Institute of India in its bid to produce one billion doses of the vaccine early into the next year. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 100 vaccines are being developed across the world, with 10 candidates already in human trials. Till date, China’s CanSino adenovirus vaccine, Oxford University’s adenovirus vaccine, Moderna’s mRNA vaccine and Novavax have emerged as the top most promising vaccine candidates for Covid-19.

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