Coronavirus Symptom Score by Persistent Post COVID symptoms

Researchers have now proposed the score to determine persistent post-COVID-19 symptoms.

Two scores were used in a study involving 430 patients out of which 156 were males and 274 females, between 12 to 74years of age (mean age 37.4 ± 12.6 years). Acute stage symptoms include 27 symptoms and post-COVID symptoms include 29 symptoms. A 4-point Likert scale was used for each symptom reported as absent, mild, moderate, or severe. For acute stage and post-COVID symptoms, the range of the overall score is 0–81 and 0 – 87 respectively (the higher the number, the further symptom severity)

For the duration of one and a half months, this cross-sectional study, the aim was to assess the frequency, patterns, and determinants of persistent post-COVID-19 symptoms and to evaluate the value of a proposed Novel COVID-19 symptoms score.

Patients demographics and data for symptoms during and after an acute attack of COVID-19 was collected. The key determinant of the persistent post-COVID-19 symptoms and symptom score among the included patients was the need for oxygen therapy. The acute phase score had 83.5% sensitivity and 73.3% specificity for the cutoff point > 18 to predict the occurrence of Post-COVID symptoms

This study also observed 29.1% of patients with breathing difficulty. Amid 33 and 75% of cases with COVID-19 necessitate mechanical ventilation, often for a long period and there are substantial long-term effects allied with prolonged periods of intubation.

Those on ventilators are more susceptible to respiratory contagions, which, consecutively, making patients more vulnerable to further risk of irreversible damage of the lung tissue. The scientists from this study are recommending the need for multi-disciplinary post-COVID-19 recovery units.

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