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As the pandemic poses many challenges and strict protocols, both health care providers and patients are looking for alternatives to minimize in-person visits and help limit the transmission of the virus.

In this respect, E-Healthcare has emerged as an effective preventive solution, and online medical consultations have become the spine of healthcare delivery systems globally to deliver timely care while minimizing exposure to protect healthcare providers and patients.

To make online doctor consultations more convenient, accessible, and effortless, WhiteCoats has gone one step further and introduced a “Personalised Digital Clinic” exclusively for doctors.

Here, doctors can instantly connect with their patients face-to-face without compromising on safety through this exclusive online doctor consultation app and website with more uninterrupted access and continuity to healthcare.

Why Personalised Digital Clinic?

Sole Identity and Custom-made 

  1. Set your “Personalised Digital Clinic” on “Your name/Clinic name” that maximizes the value of your personal credibility and evolve as you grow through this online doctor consultation app

  2. Your patients can now download the app from Playstore/Appstore and reach you directly with this flexible communication channel/platform

  3. Online doctor consultations here are available from your screen and in your name at any time of your convenience.


  1. Patients can reach their doctors directly in-app, thus minimizing the time and help patients to book and reschedule appointments hassle-free through the app

  2. Ensuring patients care even at home embedded with online video/audio/chat with the doctors to sort out any health issue on the go

  3. Also, book/schedule appointments and doctor consultations necessary for individuals to reach in-person at the doctors’ clinic or hospital

Medical Records and E-Prescriptions

  1. Opportunity to review every patient’s health and progression in detail and generate/upload e-prescriptions to enhance trust and fulfillment for a better doctor-patient relationship

  2. Patient’s records (medical records, reports, history, etc.) can be shared and stored confidentially for more accurate diagnosis and a high reduction in medical errors

Engagement & Follow-ups

  1. Improve the efficiency of the entire workflow starting from appointment, handling patients- engagement, and scheduling follow-ups at ease

  2. Switching to this online doctor consultation app reduces the time consumed in handling manual works, and help doctors to spend more time engaging with patient and providing best treatment to the patients

  3. All records related to the patient can be stored separately, which is easily accessible by both doctors’ and patients’ anytime and during follow-ups

Accessible to hospital staff & its features

  1. Your support staff who contribute to your core at the clinic/hospital can now continue to contribute through this online doctor consultation app in a more precise and articulate manner

Your staff members can on your behalf-

  1. Book/schedule appointments

  2. Keep track of the appointments and payments

  3. Access and manage patients’ records, e-prescriptions, etc.

  4. Manage your day-to-day activities


  1. Enables automatic payments set up to your bank account

  2. In-app payments from your patients can directly be credited to your linked bank account and can be shared easily via email/SMS

  3. The easiest and fastest way to accept payments without any maintenance or processing charges.

Data Privacy

  1. Data shared by the patient/doctor will only be used for its intended purpose and maintained highly confidential

  2. Any patients’ data and communications will only be saved for future follow-ups and will not be disclosed or shared with anyone


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