Collective Wisdom in Action! Clinical Discussions in Mobile Apps

Mobile applications have recently gained enormous popularity among the medical fraternity due to their convenience and rapid access to multiple information. Moreover, traditional in-person seminars and clinical case discussions are rapidly being replaced by virtual meetings and webinars that are carried out through various mobile applications.

Here are the Advantages of Conducting Clinical Discussions On Mobile Applications For Doctors:

Immediate access from any location - Through custom mobile apps, the doctors can participate in critical clinical discussions from any location without any hindrance in their patient care.

Improve communication and collaboration - Doctors Networking applications streamline the collaboration and communication of doctors within and across subspecialties by aligning all contacts under one roof. Using a virtual mobile platform, the prognosis reports, lab results, and differential diagnoses can be readily sent in a one-to-one or a group environment securely and readily obtain a second opinion. This enables rapid decisions on interdisciplinary treatment approaches and decreases the chances of diagnostic and treatment errors.

Hassle-free sharing of clinical cases - Through mobile apps, doctors can seamlessly share their clinical cases with a larger audience. In case of any queries or suggestions by fellow clinicians, the doctors are immediately notified. This significantly reduces the chances of delayed diagnosis.

Gain knowledge - Doctors networking apps provide easy access to various data and clinical studies. Leveraging such mobile applications, the doctors can access multiple clinical cases, novel diagnostic procedures and treatment regimes at the tip of their fingers. These can be incorporated into the practice, providing the patients with the best possible treatments.

WhiteCoats is an interactive digital platform used by over 3 lakh+ doctors across the country for seamless networking and collaboration with doctors from multiple fields.

WhiteCoats designs personalised mobile applications for doctors and interlinks them to social media profiles. Through this personalised app, the doctors discuss clinical cases with a larger population across several locations and receive suggestions and second opinions. The doctors can obtain a deeper insight into clinical cases, diminish medical errors, and improve patient outcomes.


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