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Colchicine Prophylaxis for COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Gout

COVID-19 vaccination often triggers a constellation of transitory inflammatory symptoms including gout. Therefore, a clinical delivery population-based observational and cross-sectional study was conducted to analyse the risk of gout flares in the first 3 months after COVID-19 vaccination with inactivated virus, and whether colchicine would reduce gout flares following post-COVID-19 vaccination.

The study included 549 participants, with a median age of 39 years. Four hundred and sixty-two (84.2%) received the COVID-19 vaccine, in which 400 (86.6%) had received two doses. It was observed that 43.9% developed at least one gout flare in the 3 months after any vaccine. Most of these flares were reported within one month after the first or second dose of the vaccine. COVID-19 vaccine was associated with sixfold higher odds of gout. Specifically, patients who received the Sinovac Life vaccine got significantly higher odds of a gout flare. However, colchicine prophylaxis was associated with a 47% less likelihood of having an increase in gout flare burden after the vaccination.

The findings of this clinical delivery population-based cross-sectional study provide important implications for COVID-19 vaccine administration in people with gout. The overall data indicate a higher odds of gout flare within 3 months after the COVID-19 vaccine and that colchicine prophylaxis is associated with markedly reduced odds of a postvaccine gout flare. Furthermore, the prevalence of gout flares after the administration of other vaccines needs to be investigated.

Content Source: LitCOVID


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