Clinical trials and Russian Government approval for an antiviral for COVID-19 – Avifavir:

In a statement released on Monday, scientists from Russia stated that Avifavir – the first direct-acting antiviral drug registered in Russia has proven effective against COVID-19 in clinical trials. The drug is produced by a joint venture of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, and ChemRar Group, which includes research and development services and investment companies in the field of innovative pharmaceuticals. The final stage of clinical trials involving 330 patients is approved by the Russian Health Ministry on May 21, which is ongoing, the statement said. The drug has received a registration certificate from the Russian Health Ministry, thus becoming the first antiviral in the world approved for the treatment of COVID-19, according to the statement. In early June, the first batches of Avifavir will be sent to Russia’s Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare for approval for use and the deliveries of the first batches of the drug to Russian hospitals are expected on June 11, the statement added.

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