Dentistry Practice for Better Management of Pediatric Patients

Dealing with paediatric patients in dentistry requires a different approach. A thorough knowledge, skills, and sophisticated infrastructure is required to improvise the doctor’s practice management in paediatric dentistry. The following can be incorporated into the dentistry practice for better management of paediatric patients. Clinic environment- The clinic should be appealing and comfortable to visitors. During the dental operation or while waiting, the decor should be designed to distract the child's sight to it. It has been observed that soothing music aids the child's relaxation during treatments. Time management- Children are generally active during morning hours. Thus, it is appropriate to schedule appointments for pediatric patients before noon, to avoid dozing off during procedures. In general, the children get hungry by noon and get cranky and might be resistant to the procedure. Adequate training- In order to deal with paediatric patients, special skills and training are required. It would be highly beneficial to train the staff to interact very patiently with the children and act promptly when needed. It is essential to spend quality time with the children in the initial visits in order to make the children comfortable and familiar with the staff. Adequate availability of instruments- The clinic should be integrated with all necessary instruments in excess. They must be stored well and should be thoroughly sterilized after each use. The sterilization must be done during non-clinical hours, for example, two hours before the clinic timings. Seek referrals- One of your many growth goals is to attract new patients to your paediatric clinic, and one approach to do so is to ask your current patients for referrals. However, presuming that the parents of the paediatric patients are spreading the word about paediatric dentistry practice is not always wise. It is always better to actively seek out referrals, or provide referral discounts.


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