Citizens demand a cap on COVID-19 treatment in private hospitals

With a bad economy and an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, citizens of Delhi are requesting a cap on COVID-19 treatment in private hospitals.

The outbreak of the novel virus COVID-19 has shaken everyone around the world, causing a drop in the economy to an increased demand for hospital beds. With a surge of COVID-19 cases in Delhi every day, people of Delhi are demanding the government to cap the cost of treatment in private hospitals.

It was previously seen that the government of Maharashtra, the leading state in the number of COVID-19 cases imposed a price cap on treatments for COVID-19 across the state. Last week, on May 25th, the Delhi government announced that all hospitals and nursing homes should reserve 20% of their beds for COVID-19 patients.

Earlier this month, members of Save Our City campaign, part of RWA, federations, and socialists wrote to Delhi’s Chief minster Arvind Kerijiwal, requesting to standardize all cost of consumables, treatment, and medicines.

Rajiv Kakria, the convenor of Save Our City campaign, said, “When the government has capped the cost of hotel rooms used for Covid-19 care and stopped schools from increasing the fees, why can’t it do the same for private hospitals?”He added, “These are testing times and the government should take measures to safeguard the interest of citizens. Like the Maharashtra government, Delhi government too should cap the cost of treatment for Covid-19 in private hospitals.”