Chronicle of Insights: Ketamine Reduces Suicidal Thoughts Within Hours

A midazolam-controlled randomized clinical trial, built a demonstration that ketamine had a remarkable reduction in the suicidal ideation in patients with depression.

With this hypothesis, an in-app survey was conducted by WhiteCoats for medical professionals.

The survey titled ‘Ketamine reduces suicidal thoughts within hours’ was posted in the mobile application and the survey was conducted from 8th September 2018 to 11th September 2018.

The survey had 3 response options:


Doctors perception about the hypothesis was evaluated with the help of the responses selected by them.

A total of 31 physicians responded to the survey.

Medical practitioners who responded were anaesthesiologists (19.35%), general practitioners (22.58%), paediatricians (9.67%), diabetologists and gynaecologists (6.45% each), dentist, surgeon, radiologist, radio-oncologist, pharmacologist, dietician, neurologist, chest specialist, psychiatrist, and others (3.22% each).

The overall response for True was 45.16% (n=12), False was 32.25% (n=10), and May be was 22.5% (n=7).

Among those who responded True, general practitioners (21.42%) were the highest followed by diabetologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, chest specialists, dieticians, surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and others (7.14% each).

Medical professionals who voted False were general practitioners (40%), anaesthesiologists (30%), gynaecologists (20%) and surgeons (10%).

Responders of Maybe 28.57% of anaesthesiologists and 14.28% each of dentist, diabetologist, radiologist, radiation oncologist, and pharmacologist.

A majority of physicians responded TRUE, followed by FALSE and MAYBE.

Treatment options that can have a quicker effect in decreasing suicidal thoughts in individuals have become a necessity.

If ketamine infusion plays the role in ceasing suicidal tendencies in patients for a prolonged period of time or reduces the rate of withdrawal symptoms, then ketamine can be classified as a breakthrough in the field of psychiatry.

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