Chinese short term vaccine?

Might or might not help with the Virus: With the vigorous spread of the virus COVID-19 worldwide, China has put efforts into developing a drug that might help bring the spread to a stop. The drug is said to have shorten the recovery time for the infected and has also proven to have provide short-term immunity from the virus or so the researchers state. The Chinese have been testing the antidote on mice and that has shown promising results. They state that their expertise lies in single-cell genomics rather than immunology or virology. They also state that drug should be ready for human use after several clinical trials later this year or possibly in time for any winter outbreak. Although the World Health Organisation says that the developing of vaccines could take 12 to 18 months or even more, this can be an effective way of letting the health care workers work on the vaccine by being immune to some extent. There are a several vaccines in-progress for COVID-19 around the globe but at times the scientists are being suppressed at times by many factors. But the Chinese are hoping the drug could be a more faster and efficient way to stop the global spread with a vaccine in-progress.

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