Chinese doctor finds a differential trend of COVID-19 among men and women

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 has exploded across the world crippling the entire healthcare fraternity, policymakers, and common people. Looking at the rising number of cases and casualties, researchers are trying to understand the risk ratio among men and women to help better cope with the disease. Till now elderly with existing health conditions were considered to be at high risk of COVID-19. However, according to recent research published in the journal of Frontiers in Public Health showed significant gender differences for COVID-19.

The results of the study showed that men have over the double death rate of women indicating potential steps required to overcome the severe effects. As most people suffer from very mild symptoms of COVID-19, understanding the factors which indicate the tendency of certain people towards high risk of COVID-19 can help society to come up with a speedy solution.

Dr. Jin-Kui Yang, a physician by profession working in Beijing Tongren Hospital in China found a differentiable trend among men and women for COVID-19 disease.

“Early in January we noticed that the number of men dying from COVID-19 appeared to be higher than the number of women,”.

“This raised a question: are men more susceptible to getting or dying from COVID-19? We found that no-one had measured gender differences in COVID-19 patients, and so began investigating.” – Dr. Jin-Kui Yang

A comprehensive data analysis shows that over 70% of casualties due to COVID-19 were among men than of women, indicating men have 2.5 times the death rate of women regardless of their age.

“We recommend that additional supportive care and prompt access to the intensive care unit may be necessary for older male patients,” – Dr. Jin-Kui Yang

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