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Children and COVID-19

As the menace of COVID-19 is spreading across the globe, people are protecting themselves, their dear ones and their neighborhood to the fullest. However, it is also very important to help children learn about the pandemic by sharing accurate and science-based facts that help evade their fears and anxieties. Considering this, here are some suggestions for teachers, parents and other guardians to engage children and students in informative discussions and activities on prevention of COVID-19. Please note that all discussion should share the right information sourced from reputable and authentic sites such as UNICEF and WHO.

  1. Teach about good health behaviors, such as covering coughs and sneezes with the elbow instead of palms and washing hands frequently for 20 sec.

  2. Children’s queries must be answered in an age-dependent manner.

  3. Do not overburden the children with too much scientific information. Keep it simple yet informative.

  4. Engage in interesting activities to deliver the importance of precautionary measures such as games, experiments, etc.

  5. Encourage students to challenge and avoid stigma related to coronavirus outbreak

  6. For engagement, try to build students’ agency which encourages them to promote public health-related facts. Let them make public service announcements through school radio.

The presence of media and other news sources can be sometimes overwhelming, which often creates anxiety and stress among children. It is very crucial as parents, teachers, and guardians to listen and help share the right information. Here are a few things that can help you:

  1. Ask open questions to your children and listen to their answers

  2. Don’t overcoat the truth, be honest and share the insight in a child-friendly manner

  3. Help them know how to protect themselves and others

  4. Offer reassurance whenever needed

  5. Share stories of helpers like workers, medical staff, police to build kindness and generosity

  6. Take care of yourself to help your children know its importance

  7. Don’t close conversations abruptly with children, be gentle and careful by ending it on a happy note

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