Can Mother transmit COVID-19 to Baby During Pregnancy?

Although the number of people infected with the recent pandemic has crossed a 20 million mark, data on how the virus affects pregnant women have been limited. An early study shows that transmission from mother to baby during pregnancy was unlikely but a handful of more recent studies have suggested there may be isolated instances in which such viral transmission does occur during pregnancy.

In a recently reported case, a 34 weeks pregnant woman visited the emergency room with signs of premature labor and was admitted to the COVID facility. She had no typical respiratory symptoms associated with COVID-19; she did have a fever and diarrhea, which suggested possible viral infection. The mother gave birth to a COVID positive baby who developed symptoms 48 hours after birth.

Tests were done on the placenta to ensure the baby also has the viral infection which was followed by a few tests beyond the regular ones to confirm. The symptoms for both, the mother and the child were mild and hence only oxygen was given in addition to fluids. The baby stayed in the hospital for about 3 weeks and was released. Even though it is rare, the occurrence of this infection shows how critical it is to make sure limited exposure is assured to mothers and new-borns.

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