Can deficiency of vitamin D be harmful to COVID-19 patients?

In a study put across by a group of scientists from Northwestern University, US reveals that deficiency of vitamin – D can be harmful to patients with COVID-19 and can make the condition severe. The research was led by Dr. Backman, prof. of Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University, US. He observed that lower levels of vitamin D in the body can lead to an over-reactive immune system in the body. This research was observed with 10 different countries affected by a novel coronavirus and patient data that is publically available. Dr. Backman found that vitamin D not only enhances the inherent immunity of the body but also prevents the immune system from going into an over-reactive state, thereby suppressing deaths in COVID-19 patients. The research doesn’t claim that vitamin D prevents people from contracting the virus but it could reduce complications and prevent deaths in some of the infected patients. Taking unnecessary high doses of vitamin D may be harmful and yield other consequences. Hence the claim is still in debate.

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