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For You, Doctor

In our country, there is a lack of platforms for doctors to share their expertise and create an outreach to improve their visibility in the community of doctors and patients.

In the wake of these problems hindering growth in the medical community, we created WhiteCoats, an app designed to cater specifically to the wants and needs of doctors. The app is a unique network of doctors and for doctors that fosters peer-to-peer or community-based professional interaction amongst doctors depending on their speciality, interests, and affiliations.

It is the perfect blend of networking and collaborations for physicians as well as the medical communities. We aim to help you achieve clinical effectiveness along with professional success.

Staying updated on the latest researches in the field of medicine plays an important role in doing so. Articles published in medical journals constitute a major portion of this. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Importance of Journal Articles

They provide important information about disease trends and risk factors, outcomes of treatment or public health interventions, functional abilities, patterns of care, and health care costs and use. The different approaches to research provide additional insights.

Clinical trials can give crucial information about the efficacy and adverse effects of medical interventions by controlling the variables that could impact the results of the study, but feedback from real-world clinical experience is also vital for comparing and improving the use of drugs, vaccines, medical devices, and diagnostics.

Together, these forms of health research have led to important discoveries, the development of new therapies, and considerable improvement in health care and public health. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

Problems doctors face while reading Journal Articles

Approximately 2.5 million research papers are published each year according to research conducted by the University of Ottawa. Finding researches specific to your area of speciality is a mammoth task. Here are a few problems you might’ve faced while reading journal articles.

Take up too much of your time

Doctors have a packed schedule with barely any time to spare. Finding journal articles to stay updated with the happenings in the field is a time-consuming task. Also, the average length of a research paper is 3000 words. The human brain can read only 300 words per minute. This means that you’ll need 10 minutes to read just one.

Paid articles

Another major hindrance in reading these papers is that not all of them are available to read online for free. You need to either pay for them or subscribe to the journal which also requires payment. This limits the number of researches available for reading.

Not relevant to your field of speciality

It may also happen several times that the researches you come across are in no way pertaining to your field of specialization. While it is important to have a generalized idea as to what is going on in other fields as well, it takes up a lot of time. You end up wasting time on an article that isn’t of any help to you. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

The Solution

On WhiteCoats we give you Byte Sized Journals, specially curated articles by our team of medical experts which can be read in just a minute. We do most of the time-consuming work for you and give a finished product that is easy to absorb. Let us give you a quick tour of how we do this.


Our team of medical experts at WhiteCoats gathers all the latest research published in top medical journals. This includes all the Indian researches published in streams such as Radiology, Cardiology, Anaesthesiology, Gynaecology, etc. Articles published in the best of medical journals which include:

  1. The Lancet

  2. The BMJ

  3. Journal of Clinical Oncology, etc.


The medical experts in our team then read through them thoroughly. This involves understanding the study and its objectives completely. Our writers then summarize the entire paper into a concise article that covers all its important aspects.


The human brain has a capacity of reading approximately 300 words in a minute. As mentioned earlier an average research paper is of 3000 words which means it can be read in 10 minutes. So, to make this entire activity quicker while remaining wholesome, our team of writers curates articles that are around 250-350 words long.

This enables you to get complete information about the research in just one minute. These specially curated articles help you save on nine precious minutes that you would’ve otherwise needed to read the complete paper. Along with an informative summary we also provide you with a link to the complete article for more information.


But that’s not all we do. There are hundreds of researches published each day and it is not necessary that they will be relevant to your speciality. Using specialized programs, we at WhiteCoats map the articles so you only receive articles that are relevant to you.

This helps you save on a lot of time as you no longer need to scroll through a bevy of articles to find updates applicable to you.

Additionally, we also give you the latest research updates in an audio-visual format. These short and easy to understand videos give you wholesome information in the most engaging way.

Being on the WhiteCoats will help you gain relevant information, become more resourceful and Be Dr. Effective. (Download WhiteCoats and stay updated)

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