Bursting Goodness of Ice Apples

Ice apples are considered as the summer fruits and we can find these in every corner of the street during summers. This delicious fruit is translucent and is the best coolant for your body.

Nutritional value per 100gms of edible flesh

  1. 43kcal

  2. 87.6g Water

  3. 0.8g Protein

  4. 0.1g Fat

  5. 10.9g Carbs

  6. 1g Fiber

  7. 27mg Calcium

  8. 30mg Phosphorous

  9. 1mg Iron

  10. 0.04mg Thiamin

  11. 0.02mg Riboflavin

  12. 0.3mg Niacin

  13. 5mg Vitamin C

How Do Ice apples Help Your Body

1. Treats constipation: Constipation can be treated by adding Ice apple or to your diet.

2. Heals liver problems: This is one of the major health benefits of ice apple. It cleanses toxins from the body to get rid of liver problems with the help of potassium present in them.

3. Alleviates heat boils: during summer heat boils are common, including ice apple to your diet helps to get rid of heat boils.

4. Works on chickenpox: Ice Apple is beneficial for those suffering from chickenpox.

5. Prevents heat strokes: Due to extreme heat, heat strokes are common in summers, as ice apple contains a huge amount of water in it. It acts as a good remedy for heat stroke.

6. Aids in weight loss: One of the most fascinating benefits of Ice apple is that it aids in getting rid of extra weight from your body. It contains a lot of water which helps in keeping your tummy full and aids in weight loss naturally.

7. Keeps stomach ailments at its bay: The best health benefits of Ice Apple is, it works as a natural cure for several stomach ailments.

8. Prevents general fatigue: The best way to fight this fatigue is by eating Ice apple. It rejuvenates your strength as you sweat more in summer.

9. Reduces the risk of breast cancer: Ice apples has phytochemicals anthocyanin which may inhibit the growth of tumors and breast cancer cells. So, this is one more benefits of the fruit.

Hope you must now be excited enough to add this fruit to your regular diet and keep away the several health ailments out of your body.


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