Burden of Infertility in India

The burden of infertility brings distress to almost 15 percent of reproductive-age couples in India. The WHO estimates the prevalence (overall) of primary infertility in India is between 3.9 to 16.8 percent. Environment, occupation, advanced age, toxic effects (due to tobacco, marijuana or drugs), inadequate diet and clinical factors are all major contributors to infertility. With the change in lifestyle patterns and other risk factors, the number of infertility cases is expected to rise in the country.

A survey was conducted in the WhiteCoats app, to understand the doctor’s perception of the present and upcoming trends in fertility therapy in India.

The survey comprised of 5 different questions and 101 doctors from diverse specialties actively responded to the survey.

A total of 101 doctors participated in the survey of which 51.48% were general practitioners, 34.65 were gynaecologists/obstetricians and 13.86 were others (including paediatricians, internists, and embryologists).

71.28 % of doctors gave approval that India is experiencing a high burden of infertility, while 18.8 % of doctors denied it. When asked if the lack of availability of IVF specialists and embryologists was a key challenge for access to fertility therapy, 42.57 % of physicians agreed to it. Treatment cost (59.40%) and lack of awareness (24.75%) were the highly voted reasons for Indian couples not opting for infertility treatment options while some doctors also stated that a non-co-operative partner or a belief in destiny could also be the reason for the same. 60.39 % of doctors think that lack of awareness and acceptance are the major issues observed while tackling infertile couples. Almost 76.23 % of doctors are of the opinion that there will be a rise in the number of couples taking infertility therapy in the future.

Measures to address issues like the cost of treatment and improving awareness concerned with the importance of treating infertility is the need of the hour. It is also important to focus on patient education at a large scale so as to reduce the number of patients suffering from infertility due to modifiable risk factors.

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