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Branding yourself as a doctor is possible in many ways, and there is a lot of literature talking about it at length. But having a strong ONLINE PRESENCE can create a more significant impact for YOU AND YOUR PATIENTS.

Go the Digital Way with WhiteCoats-

  • Create your own brand and build your own reputation through online consultation

  • Build your own brand and spotlight your expertise

  • Engage with fellow doctors from different environments as a brand yourself

  • Brand yourself and be a mentor/mentee

Let's walk through the features of WhiteCoats that will help you brand yourself as a doctor.


Developing an online consultation app for yourself might sound challenging. But with WhiteCoats, you can set up your own branded app in your name and engage with your patients more effectively at your convenience.

Your Brand - Your Name - Your Logo - Your Patients

WhiteCoats offers a customized and easy-to-use Online Digital Clinic - a platform for setting up your own personal branded online consultation app in your name, with your logo, to establish your practice online, which will be an extension of your existing practice.

Direct-to-patient service- Add new/existing patients to your app and send automated notifications (SMS/Email) to install your app. Have direct 1:1 communication with patients via video/audio/chat, thus providing adequate care and patient satisfaction.

Time Flexible Appointments- Schedule appointments and manage your patients online and in-clinic based on your convenience.

WhatsApp Chatbot- Your patients can now book appointments and connect with you more quickly and flexibly through the WhatsApp chatbot. Doctors can get feedback from patients and patient can also talk to your staff using a chatbot. Some of the WhatsApp chatbot features include: booking &, managing appointments, getting prescriptions, scheduling follow-ups, and so on.

Instant video consultation- Connect instantly with your patients and discuss all necessary and sensitive information that may be crucial for the diagnosis and treatment.

Electronic Medical Records- Generate online prescriptions directly and secure all patient records for easy access to you and your patients anytime and during follow-ups at ease.

Built-in Calendar- Schedule and re-schedule appointments as per your calendar and set automated reminders and push notifications via SMS/Email to help reduce no-shows.

Direct Mode of Payment- Enable easy payments from patients directly to your bank account without processing charges.

Share Patient Education Content - Share patient-centric health tips, images, articles, videos, etc., with your patients that can be helpful to manage their condition better.

Enabling Access to Your Staff- Add your staff to help you manage your appointments and medical records similar to in-clinic, based on your preferences


Setup your own GoogleMyBusiness and Facebook profiles to increase your online presence and expand your practice. WhiteCoats helps you manage your own social media profiles alongside your online digital clinic, enabling you to build your profile and get discovered by more patients.


With an online presence, showcase your medical expertise & experience, skills & achievements, publications, clinical knowledge, etc., with other fellow doctors of WhiteCoats. This helps you increase your visibility, expand your professional network, and practice more efficiently.


As a brand, engage with other fellow doctors of different specialities on WhiteCoats and participate in various discussions regarding a patient case, article, or research, supporting your peers in diagnosing a case or suggesting a treatment plan.

Learn new ways to address patients and get second opinions about any case to get a broader perspective and provide good patient outcomes.


WhiteCoats helps you access mentorship opportunities where you can exchange valuable clinical experiences in a one-to-one or a group environment. Share your knowledge with a community of doctors and engage with the team to stay updated.

Benefits of Having Your Own WhiteCoats App/Website

  • Improve your digital presence

  • Highlight your strengths and expertise

  • Enhance your professional growth

  • Connect with your peers

  • Build trust and increase your patient base

  • Establish a reputation amongst your patients

  • Expand your practice-without moving

  • Earn as you grow

You do not necessarily have to go as big as you think. Our team will build the app/website for you and deliver it to you in no time.

Building a brand may not be easy for you to do alone. Let WhiteCoats help you to reach better heights.

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