Blood Group Associated with CVE in COVID-19 Patients

Researchers have examined an association between COVID-19 cardiovascular adversities with the ABO blood group. Previous research findings have suggested the presence of Natural anti-glycan has shown to inhibit the SARS- CoV1 antibodies.

A subset of 409 people, under 30day monitoring, were examined for major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE), major arterial and venous thrombosis, and all-cause mortality. Through multiple logistic regression with three-fold nested models and with statistical analysis (STATA 16), the incidence of MACE was found to be higher in blood group A and drastically reduced in people with O as blood group.

The major arterial and venous thrombosis were in general higher with A and AB blood groups and lower with the O group. This major arterial and venous thrombosis with non- O blood group was suggested to be possibly caused by increased levels of von Willebrand factor and factor VIII.

The MACE was seen to be 2.5 fold higher in the A blood group in comparison to O type, which had a 50% reduction. But no correlation could be established for all-cause mortality and blood group of COVID-19 patients. In a comparison of blood group B and O, the B type had suggested lower hypertension. Further, there was an increased risk of respiratory failure in COVID-19 patients with A blood group.

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Reference: Nauffal, V. et al. (2021). Association of ABO blood group type with cardiovascular events in COVID-19. Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis.,