Big step by US Government, funds OraSure’s test for COVID-19

While the entire world is struggling to fight against the menace of coronavirus, researchers and scientists are putting their full efforts to devise a robust test that can help early identification of the disease. Though there are existing tests based on RT-PCR, these tests require expertise and support from a healthcare professional.

Looking at the shortage of protective equipment for frontline people and the unavailability of healthcare professionals, it is crucial to have some other robust solution. In light of this, OraSure’s at-home spit test can be a big thing. The US government has recently taken a big step by funding the home-based spit test to increase the rate of overall testing in the country, countering the spread of coronavirus.

“In-home self-testing will dramatically increase the capacity for SARS-coronavirus testing and give our healthcare systems and labs some much-needed breathing room,”

“We believe that the development of an easy-to-use device that delivers accurate results to individuals in their homes can play a significant role in impacting infection rates.”

– Stephen Tang (President & CEO at OraSure)

The funding is given by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency, also known as BARDA. The self-administrable test can not only detect the COVID-29 virus but also other potential coronavirus infecting humans such as SARS, MERS, and more.  

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