Artificial intelligence can be used to speed up COVID-19 diagnostics and treatment

Experts believe that with the aid of artificial intelligence in addition to CT scans of chests could potentially speed up COVID detection and treatment.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in pharma has always been a topic of discussion. It usually refers to the use of algorithms to perform tasks that are traditionally relied upon humans. Over the past few years, the use of AI in biotech and pharma has changed the perspectives of scientists in developing new treatments and drugs.

Recently amid the rising terrors of COVID-19, experts from John Hopkin University believe that AI has the potential to engage the CT chest scans and leverage large scale data within minutes, speeding up the detection, and treatment of COVID-19.

Chest image though not the usual procedure for detecting COVID-19 has helped healthcare providers to exclude symptoms and help in confirming the diagnosis by other means. “Although chest imaging is not presently recommended for initial diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia, the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic calls for dedicated research on diagnostic and therapeutic approaches that are robust, reliable, and rapid. Data-driven AI applications could address this unmet need to allocate resources in a timely manner,” the team stated.

The team also noted that AI could help in improving any risk stratification, and also categorize patients according to the type of care they need based on the intensity of their COVID-19 infection.

“More studies are needed in this area to determine whether certain features of lung pathology as assessed on computed tomography portend increased morbidity or mortality. Machine learning may indicate trends that predict ventilator requirement over the course of an ICU admission and imaging findings may play an important future role in risk stratification,” researchers said.

According to the team, in the near future, AI has the potential to guide personalized treatments for patients affected with COVID-19 as well.

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