Are You Aware of these 5 Fantastic Eye Exercises that Improve Your Vision?

Do you know? Exercising your eyes is just like exercising your other organs. Your muscles will get stronger, and you’ll be less likely to develop further vision impairment due to eye strain.

Below Are Five Fast and Easy Eye Exercises You Can Do Every Day in Your Own Home while you are working from home during this pandemic:

1. Blinking

Blinking keeps your eyes moist, and also allows you to focus for longer time. People donot blink while using work digital devices. Ultimately, this leads to eye strain and poor vision.

How does blinking help your eyes? Every time you close your eyes, the Meibomian glands produce moisture to cleanse your eyes. Blinking helps your the eyes feel refreshed, and ready to focus again and again. Because of these factors, this exercise helps decrease eye strain.

  1. Set a timer for couple of minutes

  2. Blink your eyes every four seconds

  3. Once after completing this exercise, you will find that your eyes feel less tired and strained

2. Palming

Palming is a simple exercise that helps reduce eye strain and stress. The right time to do this exercise is when the eyes need relaxation. Hence, many people around us use palming during their breaks from computers or televisions.

Get comfortable leaning forward onto your desk or a table. If you don’t have a hard surface, place your elbows on your knees and lean forward.

  1. Close your eyes and place your hands over your eyes. The position of your hands is vital: the center of your palm should cover your eyes; your fingertips should be on your forehead region; the base of your palm will rest on your cheekbone

  2. Do not apply pressure on your eyes. You should be able to blink easily

  3. Sit this way for few minutes

  4. Re do this exercise three times a day when working with digital devices

This eye exercise works because the pressure of your hands around your eyes helps to relieve muscle strain.

3. Figure 8

This amazing exercise helps your eyes become stronger and more flexible

  1. Look about ten feet in front of your eyes

  2. Imagine the number eight lying on its side

  3. Move your eyes slowly around this reclining figure 8 for a couple of minutes

  4. Also, trace the figure eight in reverse for few minutes

4. Change of Focus

For this exercise, hold your thumb up in front of your eyes. Your thumb should be about 8 to 10 inches away

  1. Focus on your thumb for at least 3 to 5 seconds

  2. Change your focus to 15 to 20 feet away for three to five seconds

  3. As you change your focus, take a deep breathe

  4. You must go back and forth from your thumb and the far object for 2 minutes

  5. Forcing your eyes to change focus helps in strengthening your eye muscles

5. Zooming

Another great eye exercise which strengthens your eyes and increases your ability to focus is zooming.

  1. You must sit in a comfortable chair

  2. Hold your thumb like you are going to hitchhike

  3. Bring the thumb close to your eye, maintaining a focus on your thumb

  4. Continue moving the thumb towards your eye until it is 3 inches away

  5. You must Stretch your arm again, moving your thumb away from your eyes

  6. Keep focusing on your thumb

  7. Do this for two to five minutes

  8. Repeat three to five times a day

  9. Use your digital devices and let not they harm your vision

Instead, use these five fast and easy eye exercises to strengthen your eyes and keep vision problems away. People who are wearing glasses or contacts can strengthen their eyes and keep their vision from getting worse by exercising their eyes regularly.

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