Antibody-drug Cocktail Treatment from Regeneron on Animals for Coronavirus

The race for developing a vaccine is on and the requirement exceeds day by day. It might take more time than expected but a vaccine is surely on its way. Regeneron pharmaceuticals state that its COVID-19 antibody-drug cocktail is working wonders in animals i.e. hamsters and monkeys. The cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies which is known as the REGN-COV-2 could prevent and treat the disease in rhesus macaques and hamsters.

Further, researchers behind the study stated that the animals did not show any signs of increased viral load or worsening conditions after this treatment. The study, in particular, displayed that the two monoclonal antibodies were able to almost entirely block the establishment of the infection. They also said that the drugs were able to decrease the infection in a second study in which the animals were infected with a higher, stronger level of the virus. The antigen particularly cleared the virus faster than any of the placebo. The data puts forth the idea that this could help benefit in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19.

Researchers at Regeneron observed and studied thousands of fully-human antibodies produced by lab mice, called the VelovImmune. These genetically engineered mice were progressed to have a human immune system with antibodies that were identified from humans who have recovered from the novel coronavirus infection. For the drug to work, it must bind to the receptor-binding domain of the virus’s spike protein. This reduces the ability of the virus to evade treatment and protect against spike variants that have emerged in the human population. The same technique was used to develop REGN-EB3, a novel antibody treatment for Ebola, which is now under review with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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