An SOP issued on Thursday by the Delhi government to follow a procedure

In an order issued on Thursday, the government of Delhi divided the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) into the reception of COVID patients at the Hospital; Admission of a patient; Treatment and test; and discharge. The patient shall be brought by hospital staff from the ambulance or whichever vehicle used by the patient reaching the hospital, to the triage area, without asking for details. This process must be complete in 15 minutes, it stated. The hospital staff should provide bed or sitting space depending upon the condition of the patient and doctor on triage duty must attend to the patient within 60 minutes depending upon the urgency of the requirement of treatment. For the admission of the patient, the patient shall be admitted to the appropriate ward depending on the level of treatment required as per the medical condition assessed by doctors. All refreshments will be provided to the patient in the hospital. In case of death of the patient, he will be shifted to the mortuary and the hospital will be disinfected. Then while discharging, the patient shall be discharged from the hospital as per the medical protocol after the patient tested COVID negative as per the latest orders issued in this regard. This came on a day when an elderly man died and the family alleged he was denied entry by the hospital. However, the hospital refused all such claims and said the man was brought dead.

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