A new crisis: COVID-19 to feed the ongoing microbial resistance

With COVID-19 surprising experts all over the world with its news ways to affect and symptoms, a recent article has reported that the current ongoing pandemic might fuel microbial resistance.

In developing a company, there has always been an underlying problem regarding drug-resistant infections. This problem in specific contributes to the development of high resistant pathogens, which are difficult to eradicate.

Though diarrhea and upper tract infections are caused by viruses, healthcare systems in India are still prescribing anti-microbial drugs. With a sudden focus on antimicrobial resistance, India has initiated small efforts in eliminating such prescriptions in hospitals.

Due to the current pandemic, the efforts taken for antimicrobial resistance is being undermined due to the poor resource settings like primary healthcare. Many patients in India are being administered with antibiotics due to the absence of a specific COVID-19 treatment, leading to the patient developing antimicrobial resistance.

“Until there is evidence that Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, is associated with bacterial or fungal co-infections, antibiotics should not be prescribed and the patients must be treated symptomatically” stated a leading doctor.

In the absence of a vaccine or treatment, the COVID-19 may last for more time than we expect. Bringing in better infection control practices will help in bringing down the number of hospital-acquired infections.

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