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A new complication: COVID-19 mystery blood clot intensifies

With rising concerns of the lives claimed by COVID-19, a new mysterious blood clot has been an added concern in our fight against this deadly virus.

The usual set of COVID-19 symptoms include swollen legs, clogged catheters, breathing difficulty, and purple rashes, which experts are still in the process of unraveling. Recently a large number of cases have been reported with complaints of blood clots in the body. “This is like a storm of blood clots,” says Behnood Bikdeli, a fourth-year cardiology fellow at Columbia University in New York City.

It was noticed that anyone with severe illness are prone to developing clots, but hospitalized patients with COVID are more susceptible to it. Several studies from Europe suggest that the clots arise in a maximum of 20-30% of people admitted with COVID-19. Though scientists are scrambling with a few possible explanations, the increasing number of deaths is alarming and needs for some solution.

The presentation of the clots in the patients is what’s confusing the scientists. Blood thinner do not seem to work, and people are seen to die of strokes due to blood lockage in the brain. “This is not what you’d expect to see in someone who just has a severe infection. This is really very new” says O’ Donnell.  One possibility is that the virus is directly attacking the lining of the blood vessels. In healthy individuals, lining actively stops the clots from forming, but the virus can damage these cells, triggering the clotting process. 

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