A misconception: Vitamin D supplementation cannot help COVID-19 patients.

With no confirmed evidence of Vitamin D to prevent or cure COVID-19, experts explain the warnings posed dure to high doses of the vitamin supplementation.

With the anxiety of no available treatment or cure for COVID-19, people are going to the stages of following unverified reports stating the use of vitamin to be a cure for COVID-19. Taking the matter into the hands, scientists from the University of Manchester are assessing scientific evidence against the vitamins uses in treating the infection.

“Until there is more robust scientific evidence for vitamin D, we strongly caution against the use of high vitamin D supplementation,” stated a published report from BMJ Nutrition, Prevention, and Health.

The report further stated that vitamin D is a hormone produced by the body when exposed to a certain amount of sunlight, which helps in regulating the phosphate and calcium in the body. These minerals excreted are needed to maintain strong bones, muscles, and teeth.

However, the researchers from the university did not find any link between the high supplementation of vitamin D in helping or preventing COVID-19. Adequate studies are not there to support the fact that vitamin D can treat the virus.

When further assessed vitamin D and previous respiratory tract infections, it was noticed that lower levels of vitamin D were associated with acute infections. It should also be noted that the data was from a population of developing countries and cannot be extrapolated to all.

“Although there is some evidence that low vitamin D is associated with acute respiratory tract infections, there is currently insufficient evidence for vitamin D as a treatment for COVID-19 and over-supplementing must be avoided as it could be harmful” reported scientists.

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