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A Full Blood Count Can Predict COVID-19 Severity in Patients

Researchers at Radboud university Medical Center revealed that a full blood count of COVID-19 patients predicts fairly accurately if the infection will have a complicated course or not.

The study was conducted in 11 hospitals. In patients presenting to hospitals with a COVID-19 infection, a full blood analysis it hemocytometry is commonly performed by the emergency department. COVID-19 leads to specific changes in the circulating blood cells. These changes in the blood cells, especially those that can be identified using new techniques, are used to create an algorithm with a predictive value. The developed algorithm appears to predict the course of COVID-19 better than the value of the individual blood cells, as used so far.

The reliability increases to 93% after six days. In the study the data of 982 adult patients who were hospitalized due to COVID-19 was evaluated. Using the developed algorithm it was possible to predict whether a serious course of events was expected. The researchers explained that, a full blood count was inexpensive and fully automated. y using certain techniques, the character of certain blood cells can be better determined and by using these new techniques, they have been able to develop a reliable prognostic score.

This score gives a good insight into whether a serious course of events can be expected and can help healthcare professionals to make treatment decisions. 

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