8 Ways To Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath can have causes that aren’t due to underlying diseases, such as poor dental hygiene, dehydration, or recently eating certain foods like onions or garlic.

These tips can help you fight bad breath and maintain your oral hygiene.

1. Brush and floss more often

Plaque is the sticky buildup on the teeth that collect bacteria which results in bad breath. Trapped food also adds to the condition.

Brushing teeth often or at least two times each day and flossing at least once can help fight bad breath.

2. Rinse your mouth 

A mouthwash gives extra protection to the teeth by getting rid of bacteria. However, make sure the mouthwash you choose masks the smell and kills the germs that cause bad breath.

Rinse your mouth daily with an excellent mouthwash to stop bad breath.

You can also swish your mouth with plain water after you finish your meal. It can get rid of food particles that get stuck in your teeth, eventually causing bad breath.

3. Scrape your tongue

The coating on your tongue can be a host for smelly bacteria. To get rid of it, gently brush your tongue with your toothbrush. If your brush is too big to reach the back of your tongue comfortably, try a scraper.

Scrapers apply even pressure across the surface of the tongue area. Scraping can remove bacteria, food debris, and dead cells that brushing alone can’t do.

4. Avoid foods that result in bad breath

Onions and garlic are big culprits. And brushing teeth after eating these foods may not help either. The substances that cause the terrible smell make their way into your bloodstream and travel to your lungs, where you breathe them out. The best way to stop the problem is not to eat them or avoid them before going to work or socialising.

5. Kick the tobacco habit

Besides causing cancer, smoking can damage your gums, stain your teeth, and give you bad breath. Abstain from tobacco to improve your oral health.

6. Use chewing gums 

Chewing gum stimulates saliva, which is the mouth’s natural defence mechanism against plaque acids, which cause tooth decay and bad breath.

7. Keep your gums healthy

Gum diseases can cause bad breath. Bacteria gather in pockets at the base of teeth, which results in a foul odour.

8. Moisten your mouth

Bad breath also results if you don’t make enough saliva (dehydration). If you have a dry mouth, drink plenty of water and hydrate your body.

With these tips, it’s easy to improve your breath and keep your teeth and gums healthy at the same time. Want to set up an online consultation for your practice, Click Here

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