8 Surprising Benefits of Mangoes!

Mangoes were first cultivated in Northeast India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar about 25-30 million years ago. Also called the king of fruits, mango is been named the most widely consumed fruit in the world.

This tropical fruit is not just refreshing, juicy and delicious, but has some great nutritional benefits. Know why mango is so good for you and whether fresh or dried is best.

Nutritional Benefits of Mango:

One cup of diced mango contains:

•    100 calories

•    1 gram protein

•    0.5 grams of fat

•    25 grams of carbohydrate

•    24 grams of sugar

•    3 grams of fiber

•    100% of the daily need for vitamin C

•    35% of vitamin A

•    20% of folate

•    10% of vitamin B-6

•    8% of vitamin K


High in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, eating mango has many benefits. Let’s have a look at the most popular health benefits of mango.

1. Helps in Digestion

Mangoes contain enzymes that help break down and digestion of protein, fibre which keep the digestive tract work efficiently. It works well for indigestion, acidity, and even reduces inflammation of organs in the digestive tract.

Green mangoes have more pectin fibre than ripe mangoes.

2. Boosts Immunity

An average sized-mango contains up to two-thirds of the daily recommended vitamin C intake. The powerful antioxidants present in this helps boost the immune system and prevent cold/flu.

3. Good for Eyes

Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene that helps in the production of vitamin A. This helps in improving vision, boosts overall eye health, and even prevents loss of vision. Thus include mangoes in the diet for your eyes.

4. Lowers Cholesterol

Mangoes help regulate cholesterol levels too. The high levels of pectin fibre help bring down the low-density lipoprotein (LDL/bad cholesterol) which causes plaques in the vessels and block blood flow.

5. Clears the Skin

Mangoes are a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A which are crucial for healthy skin and skin repair. Mangoes also eliminate dead pores and keep the hair moisturized. The fibre present in mangoes keeps the gut healthy, which in turn cleanses the skin.

6. Aids Weight gain

150g of mangoes contains 86 calories which can be absorbed quickly by the body.

Mangoes contain starch that transforms into sugar and helps in weight gain.

Also, phytochemicals present in the mango skin act as natural fat busters. The mango flesh is filled with dietary fibres that improve digestion and prevent fat deposition.

Thus mangoes help all kinds of people with weight loss and weight gain.

7. Promotes Brain Health

Vitamin B6 abundantly present in mangoes play a vital role in maintaining and improving the brain’s function. These vitamins play a role in improving mood, modification of sleeping patterns, and effective nerve functioning.

Thus, add mangoes to the diet and keep your brain healthy!

8. Maintains Overall Health

Various studies proved impressive vitamin content in mangoes assures overall health.

Potassium (4% in 156 mg) and magnesium (2% in 9 mg) and are excellent remedies for high blood pressure.

Mangos are vitamin powerhouses as they are rich in riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, niacin, folate, thiamin, and pantothenic acid. These components help avoid diseases that can come from deficiencies of these vitamins and minerals.

The vitamin E content in these fruits can help boost your sex life by triggering the activity of your sex hormones.

Powerful antioxidants in mangos can neutralize free radicals throughout the body and help prevent heart diseases, premature ageing, cancer, and many other degenerative diseases.

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