7 Ways To Maintain Your Eyes And Keep Them Healthy

We all ignore our EYES that play a major role in day-to-day activities at home, work, behind the wheel. Good vision helps us perform well, and hence, it is highly important to keep our eyesight at its best.

People usually believe that failing eyesight may be the result of aging or eye strain. But, it is not right always- an unhealthy lifestyle can also cause EYE-related issues even at a younger age.

Here are 7 tips that help maintain good eye health as you age.

1. Eating a balanced diet – Choose foods rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A and C, leafy green vegetables, and fish. These help ward off age-related problems like macular degeneration and cataracts. Many foods, especially fish, contain essential omega-3 fatty acids that are important to the macula- a part of the eye that is responsible for central vision.

Inadequate intake of antioxidants, alcohol or saturated fats may create free radicle reactions that harm the eye. A high-fat diet can also cause deposits that constrict blood flow in the arteries.

A healthy and well-balanced diet helps you stay fit and lowers the odds of obesity and diabetes, which is the leading cause of blindness in adults.

2. Stay Fit – Exercise and physical activity improve blood circulation, which improves oxygen levels to the eyes and the removal of toxins.

3. Sound Sleep – Why do people say a minimum of 7-8 hours of good sleep is required daily? Because it not just keeps the overall health but keeps your eyes healthy.

4. Hand hygiene – Keeping your hands is essential to keep your eyes healthy, especially if you wear a contact lens. Before you touch your eyes to remove or wear contact lenses, wash your hands with mild soap- this is because some germs and bacteria that come from your hands can cause eye infections like bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye).

5. Sunglasses – Wear sunglasses before stepping out in hot summers. Sunglasses also help protect your eyes from harmful UV light. Even wearing a hat with a brim help reduce the amount of UV radiation that slips around the side of your sunglasses.

6. Devices and blue light – We all are now habituated to using electronic devices like mobile phones, computers for long hours. These devices expose our eyes to high-energy blue light- the light is called so because the wavelengths emitted are near the blue part of the spectrum. Eye nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin (which are present in the macula) help filter this blue light. These eye nutrients are obtained ONLY through food and hence should be obtained from the diet and/or supplements.

Here are some tips when you work on computers

  1. Keep the computer screen within 20″-24″ of your eye.

  2. Keep the top of the screen slightly below eye level.

  3. Adjust the lighting to minimize glare on the screen.

  4. Blink frequently.

  5. Take a break every 20 minutes to focus on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

  6. Use lubricating eye drops to soothe irritated, dry eyes.

7. Have regular doctor visits – Visit the ophthalmologists or eye doctors regularly as eye exams help find diseases like glaucoma, which do not have any symptoms.


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