7 Incredible Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice!

Aloe vera juice is a thick liquid made from the flesh of the aloe vera plant. It is commonly known to treat sunburns, but drinking the juice provides you with various other health benefits. Information about aloe vera juice dates back nearly 5000 years; ever since then, it has been used both topically and orally.

Aloe vera juice is full of nutrients. It contains several essential vitamins and minerals such as –

Vitamin B – Crucial for brain health

Vitamin C- Strengthens the immune system

Vitamin E – Protects against cancer

Folic acid – Lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke

How Is It Made?

Only the gel of the leaf is edible, and other parts are toxic. Therefore, only get part of the plant should be used to make the juice. Here are a few simple steps to make aloe vera juice on your own.

  1. Wash the aloe leaf and cut down the sides to remove thorns.

  2. Slowly peel both sides to remove the aloe crystal. The inside will be very slimy, which is normal.

  3. Remove the green peel and cut it into one-inch cubes.

  4. To make aloe vera juice: place 6-8 cubes in the blender. Add about 6 cups of filtered water to it. Blend until the aloe crystal has been fully incorporated.

  5. You can also flavour with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime.

What are the benefits of aloe vera juice?

1. Good for digestion-aloe vera contains compounds called anthraquinones that act as a natural laxative that helps with digestion, especially in people with constipation. However, it should be consumed in small portions (not more than two tablespoons a day); otherwise, it may cause diarrhoea.

2. VITAMIN C- About 225 grams of aloe vera juice contains 9.1 grams of vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for overall health, and it is a natural antioxidant and helps fight inflammation.

Vitamin C does good to the body in various ways-

  1. Reduces the risk of heart disease

  2. Improves immune system function

  3. Enhances the body to absorb iron from plant-based foods

3. Hydrates the body – drinking aloe vera juice throughout the day can help a person stay hydrated. Aloe vera juice can be a low-alternative to sugary drinks and fruit juices. An 8-oz glass of aloe vera juice contains just 36 calories.

4. Gum inflammation- aloe vera juice reduces gingival inflammation, especially in people who had recently undergone treatments to improve plaque. This is because of the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of aloe vera juice.

5. Blood sugar levels- studies show that drinking aloe vera juice helps control blood sugar levels in people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

6. Stomach ulcers- including digestive benefits, aloe vera juice also reduce the incidence of stomach ulcers and prevent gastric ulcers from getting worse. This is because of the presence of vitamin C in it.

7. Help relieve heartburn- aloe vera juice helps neutralize the acid in the stomach, and due to its alkaline property, it helps prevent heartburn and acidity.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Yes, as there is a saying- “too much is too bad”, anything, if consumed in excess, might affect the health. Similar is the case of aloe vera juice. The intake of the juice should be limited to a few tablespoons a day; else, it may cause diarrhoea.

It might also cause drug interactions, and hence if you are on any medication, discuss with your doctor before you start taking the juice.

Patients who underwent surgery should avoid taking it as the juice might interact with anaesthesia medicine.

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