5 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

1. Give off a caring and compassionate vibe

Being more compassionate and caring towards your patients will always greatly benefit your practice and enhance overall patient satisfaction and experience.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals tend to give off a cold vibe many times without realizing it. This includes avoiding eye contact with patients walking by, almost knocking over patients while rushing down the halls, ignoring patients after already being late. These create a bad impression on the patients and often result in poor satisfaction rates.

2. Mock your patient's Experience

If you know exactly what your patients go through when they visit your setup it is easier to find out the reason for their dissatisfaction. Knowing the root cause of your patient's problems will help you fix it faster.

3. Make your employees think about the purpose and not just functions

An important aspect of the patient experience is that every employee knows their exact purpose and appreciates its importance.

4. Don’t hesitate to apologize

‘Sorry’ is a very tough thing to say but your entire team needs to learn how to say it. To resolve issues pointed out by patients, it is essential that you know how to apologize for lapses in your service. If you understand your patient’s issue instead of getting defensive, your patient will be happier with your service.

5. Train your employees in handling patient complaints

Having a team trained in handling all patient queries often leads to an enhanced patient experience. This could include simple things such as helping a patient find his way around the setup.

Being consistent always is not very possible but if your patients are happy with you, they’ll let a few mistakes go.


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