5 Tips to Prevent Text Neck Pain

“Text neck” describes the Pain experienced when the neck is tilted too long in the wrong position when using a laptop, desktop, phone, or another device. There are chances of developing a repetitive stress injury or muscle strain when you hold this tilted, head-forward posture for long periods.

This ailment is commonly referred to as text neck (sometimes called tech neck) and can be avoided by changing a few habits.

Here are five easy steps to prevent Text Neck pain:

1. Raise the Height of Your Screen

Hold your phone up close to eye level to avoid sloping your head forward or bending your neck down.

2. Take Short Breaks 

If you have to look at a screen for an extended time, take breaks. Develop a habit of taking a 2 to 3-minute break every 30 minutes.

3. Prefer Chair With a Headrest

The ergonomics of the chair you use can help you maintain correct posture and avoid text neck.

4. Strengthen and stretch your neck muscles

The risk of developing muscle imbalances due to long-term forward head posture is high. To prevent these imbalances perform neck exercises regularly to strengthen the muscles.

5. Consider Pain as an Initial Warning Sign!

If you experience Pain in the neck, between the shoulder blades, numbness or tingling in the arms, or frequent headaches, it might be text neck syndrome. Pay attention to these warning signs and act quickly.

Share these tips with your patients and help them to overcome Text Neck Pain!

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