5 Proven Health Benefits Of SOAKED ALMONDS

Although the almonds are healthy themselves, the soaked version is a viable option. Almonds, when soaked overnight, reduce the number of tannins and acids present in the skin of the nut, which usually interferes with the nutrient uptake by the body.

Soaking these nuts in water will make more of their bounty bioavailable for use by the body.

Benefits of Soaked Almonds

Due to the greater availability of more dietary fiber, vitamin E, and folic acid in soaked almonds; it contributes to the beneficial effects on digestion, skin appearance, and chronic diseases.

1. Skin and Hair

Almonds are rich in vitamins that help to improve the skin and hair. There is significantly more vitamin E available in soaked almonds than raw almonds. The vitamin acts as an antioxidant to reduce inflammation and damage to both hair and skin.

2. Pregnancy

Folic acid is an essential vitamin during pregnancy. Higher levels of folic acid present in soaked almonds than raw almonds help to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus, which is caused by a deficiency of folate.

3. Digestion

The presence of a good amount of dietary fiber in soaked almonds can help regulate peristaltic motion, thereby reducing symptoms of constipation, indigestion, bloating, and cramping.

4. Weight Loss

Soaked almonds contain more protein than raw almonds. The fiber content found in soaked almonds can also prevent feelings of hunger and are ideal supplements for people trying to cut back on their calorie consumption and lose weight.

5. Chronic Disease

Antioxidants, which are abundantly present in the soaked almonds, neutralize free radicals in the body and may help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Research showed that soaked almonds exhibit vitamin E-dependent memory-protective effect, which means that having overnight soaked almonds, enriched with vitamin-E, has implications for effectively ameliorating memory impairment at low doses when consumed on an empty stomach.

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