3 Step Basic Steps For Wound Care In Case of Any Accidents

First aid remains a critical first step when accidents happen. However, for open wounds and similar emergencies, it’s always a good idea to follow up with a medical professional.

Although wounds are common it’s important to deal with them immediately to prevent infection and minimize complications later.

Here’s a helpful guide on basic wound care with 3 Basic steps:

1st step: Control the bleeding

  1. Apply direct pressure on the wound, using gauze pads if you have them or else cloth towels also work well

  2. Elevate the wound above the heart. In case of a hand or foot injury, change the position of the body and raise the limb so it’s higher than the upper chest

  3. Do not apply a tourniquet unless it’s a dire emergency

2nd step: Clean the wound

  1. Once bleeding is under control, you can clean the open wound with mild soap and water

  2. Liquid soap is also a good choice, antibacterial soap is not always necessary

  3. Water can sometimes sting, so opt for a saline solution instead, especially for delicate skin and eyes

  4. Keep the wound clean to avoid infection

  5. Minor bleeding can begin after cleaning. If this happens, use direct pressure with a sterile (or clean) piece of gauze or a cloth towel

3rs Step: Dress the wound

  1. Once the wound is clean and no longer bleeding, apply antiseptic ointment to keep out germs

  2. Cover the wound lightly with an adhesive dressing or waterproof bandage

  3. If the dressing sticks to body hair, you may wrap the extremity loosely with a wide piece of gauze

  4. Always change the dressings every 12 hours

  5. When re-dressing the wound, check for infection or other complications. If you observe tenderness, red streaks, or inflammation around the wound; fever; swelling; or numbness, consult a doctor as soon as possible

It is always good to learn few basic tips for medical management care to take care of yourself or those around you.


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