10 Tips for Damage Control After Overeating

Overeating can happen when we are in love with a meal or food that we simply don’t want to stop eating and only do so when we feel like we’ll explode. Overeating can also happen when we get too distracted and overeat because we didn’t realize how much food we were shoveling into our mouth until it’s after the fact.

If you want to stop the problem before it starts, follow these simple tips:

1. Stop Once You’ve Realized You Overate: The first rule is not to continue overeating.

2. Mentally Move On: The best thing you can do after you overeat is to move on and not treat it like you’re scarred for life.

3. Take A Walk: Take a 10-15 minutes walk post-meal give that helps to clear the mind and it can support healthy digestion and improve blood sugar levels.

4. Sip on an Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic: Apple cider vinegar aids in digestion and it’s a wonderful liver cleanser.

5. Try Peppermint Tea: Peppermint can help suppress appetite and control cravings

6. Be Diligent Tomorrow: The next day after overeating, you should avoid processed foods altogether.

7. Try Some Turmeric:  The compound curcumin in turmeric can fight the inflammation caused by overeating, and turmeric also supports brain health.

8. Hydrate With Water: Drinking water will help flush out some of the sodium and will help increase your metabolism

9. Sip On a Spicy Lemonade Detox: Lemon and cayenne pepper have a cocktail of vitamins and minerals that help stimulate the liver in order to detox your body from any harmful substances like sugar and alcohol.

10. Sweat it out: Performing cardio or taking a simple steam bath etc. can help to sweat a lot.  Sweating is a wonderful way to purge toxins and burn calories.


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