WhiteCoats Hospital Connect

A unique digital platform solution for hospitals that helps them in building their brand amongst the doctors’ community, and supports their patient outreach journey.

Unique features

Hospital Connect offers a dedicated channel page for Hospitals on the WhiteCoats platform that allows them to establish and enhance their digital identity amongst the doctors’ community.

About the Hospital

Hospital information is updated regularly and published for the doctors’ community. The ‘About’ section provides an overview of the services, locations, and contact details for further communication and collaboration.


Hospitals can keep their channel updated by posting feeds under various categories

Clinical Updates:

  • Stay Updated
  • Grow your Network
  • Take Better Decisions
  • Drive patient engagement

Facility Updates:

  • Announcement on new branch or department launch
  • Information on new technology and facility launch
  • Addition of new services and packages
  • Brief on accreditations and awards

Faculty Updates:

  • Information about new doctors’ experience, expertise and achievements
  • Accolades of top doctors’ achievement and awards
  • Videos by expert doctors and KOLs

Opportunity Updates:

  • Referral/appointments as a visiting consultant
  • Job opportunities
  • Courses, DNB, and Fellowships

Initiative Updates:

  • Events to promote awareness, early diagnosis and comprehensive care
  • Non-profit initiatives by the hospitals

Collaboration Updates:

  • Tele-medicine initiatives such as satellite centres
  • Participation in ongoing research
  • CMEs, educational activities collaborations, and screening camps
Campaign Support:

Patient Education Leaflet:

An in-depth tri-fold A4 leaflet that contains elaborative disease information content for patients


An A3 size print-ready poster that illustrates the world day theme and message


A print-ready flyer explaining the disease or condition, risk factors, symptoms and treatment

Video loop:

Continuous valuable patient education material in a video format for you to display on your hospital’s screens

Cover pages for social media:

Customized and ready to use social media covers to participate in the world day campaigns on digital platforms

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