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Increase Patient Inflow

With These Simple

Everyday Tools

Google My Business is a blessing for any doctor practising in a clinic in a household. Individual practices like this often face the difficulty of not being able to advertise to the residents where they don’t have budgets like clinic chains or hospitals. However, promoting your practice doesn’t always require a heavy budget.

Google is the one tool that almost everyone uses. Patients will definitely want to find a doctor in their vicinity as consultation, follow-ups, etc can be convenient. In this case, when patients use search terms like ‘doctor near me ’ etc on Google, they can find you easily. They can also use the other features such as call/message/directions, etc. to reach you as well. 

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How are patients using Google My Business to find Doctors?

Using Keywords in Search

By using the appropriate keywords on Google search, e.g. Doctor near me, Doctor in (area name), the Best Doctor in (city), etc., patients can easily find doctors. Hence if you use Google My Business for your practice and update your description and work using the words used by patients to search for doctors, you can benefit from this tool. 

Availability and Consultation Hours

Nobody wants to waste time by waiting unnecessarily at a clinic/hospital. Patients would also like to know your availability and consultation timings before they visit your practice for a consultation/follow up. For this, Google My Business allows you to update your working hours. It also highlights the busiest hours and allows patients to decide the best time to book a consultation with you. 

Pictures and Videos of Clinic/Hospital

The way any of us want to get a sample visual of a new place that we want to visit, similarly, patients would like to see some photos and videos of your practice. This gives them the surety of its existence, cleanliness, etc.…

Hence simple yet straightforward photos of the clinic/practice with any videos can help patients pick your practice over others. You can also have some videos talking about your rewards and recognition for your work, which can further help in convincing themselves to pick you as their consulting Doctor over others. 


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Queries and Concerns on Google My Business

Patients have a lot of apprehensions or concerns before visiting a doctor and would like answers before visiting one. With Google My Business, one of the features is that you can get a prompt as soon as a patient asks a question. You can choose to answer it based on your free time between consultations using your mobile or laptop and respond to the concern in the best possible way. 

Google My Business can be a great tool, especially if you want your practice to give you results and continue building your name amongst your patient community. With all your valued education and the investment spent building your knowledge, your practice must get enough attention. Choose Google My Business and start advertising your practice. 

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