WhiteCoats is a digital platform exclusive to medical practitioners and medical communities such as medical associations and hospitals.

As a medical practitioner, using WhiteCoats, you can now look for and connect with other practitioners around the country, exchange real time messages and discuss clinical cases efficiently, and engage with curated medical insights to increase the effectiveness of your practice. All of this in a simple, secure and personalized manner.

WhiteCoats membership is available to all the registered medical practitioners.

WhiteCoats is also available to medical communities as a digital communication and collaboration platform.

As a medical practitioner, you should use WhiteCoats if:

  • You are concerned about privacy (patient or other private conversations), and security of your data
  • You find the clutter on social networking platforms too distracting to discuss cases and exchange critical medical information
  • You believe that the single threaded chats in other messaging applications do not provide the attention and focus required for case discussions
  • You are seeking timely and concise news and highly condensed summaries for your specialty, thus saving your valuable time

As a medical community, you should use WhiteCoats if:

  • You want to enable a simple, effective collaboration platform for your practitioners
  • You want to create a safe and secure digital library to manage all your knowledge assets
  • You want to have a single platform to get all your practitioners together for timely updates and communication

Messaging applications and social networks are useful for several reasons. But they do not take into consideration the needs of medical practitioners in terms of privacy and security. Sharing clinical information, or information pertaining to a patient on these platforms can expose an organization or individual to unexpected consequences.

As a digital platform made exclusively for use by the medical practitioners, WhiteCoats provides a protected environment where the needs of the practitioner and the patients are safeguarded. Our key features and capabilities address other benefits which you, as a medical practitioner, can relate to and desire. We are focused on providing technology and the supported capabilities that would enable you to increase the effectiveness of your practice.

Our members are either verified via in person visit, and/or are required to submit a photo-id, or a copy of the State Medical Council registration certificate to help us verify their medical credentials. We then use this data to cross verify with a number of databases to validate the details before accepting any user as a registered member.

WhiteCoats is currently FREE for use by individuals who are licensed medical practitioners, and for medical communities.

WhiteCoats is a highly secure application hosted on a HIPPA compliant platform. It has stringent user and system level access controls, with end-to-end data encryption of information stored in devices or servers, or while in transmission.

WhiteCoats apps are available for all Android devices running version 4.4 (KitKat) or higher, and iPhones running iOS 8 or higher. WhiteCoats will also be available on web soon.

Your email serves as your username on the WhiteCoats network. It also enables us to communicate with you regarding updates in your network, and improvements to our platform.

WhiteCoats is a protected environment for medical practitioners and we take your privacy seriously. You have complete control over who can connect with you, or view your profile on the WhiteCoats network through the Privacy settings in the app. We do not share, or sell your data to any third parties.

Complete details about the WhiteCoats privacy policy can be found here*.

For any product related queries, you can email us at info@whitecoats.com. For any support requirements, you can email us at support@whitecoats.com or chat with WhiteCoats Support within the app.