WhiteCoats empowers communities such as medical associations and hospitals to engage their members using a collaborative digital platform.

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Communicate Effectively

WhiteCoats enables medical communities (associations/hospitals/medical colleges) to form their private and secure digital community, and engage with their members via effective multi-channel communication. Existing social networking platforms used by doctors have no privacy. There is no control on who can message whom. Be it CME/conference invites/presentations, guideline updates, scheme announcements and newsletters, members get notified instantly on WhiteCoats.

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Collaborate Seamlessly

WhiteCoats provides the most effective means of fostering academic, social and fruitful collaboration within the community members. WhiteCoats enables communities to securely organize their member directory by groups. WhiteCoats enables updates and clinical collaboration, including case discussions and surveys to be managed in seamless manner: one-on-one basis, with specific group of members, or by including all the community members.

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Manage your Digital Assets

WhiteCoats enables automatic, secure and organized storage of all important digital knowledge assets of a community. Various posts, images, documents, presentations and videos from CMEs, conferences, clinical meetings can all be accessed anytime, anywhere with built in access controls.

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Drive your Digital CMEs

Community stakeholders can drive their events such as CMEs and conferences using the digital capabilities of WhiteCoats. Events can be announced, and managed using event calendars. Event updates can be shared and members can be engaged before, during and after an event. Presentations, videos and updates can be managed in community’s digital library in WhiteCoats for ease of access and future reference.