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Many health tips are available on the internet, so patients are never sure what to trust, and what to follow. Patients like to get condition specific or seasonal health tips from their trusted doctor. WhiteCoats provides doctors with patient focused health tips, reviewed by medical experts. Using WhiteCoats, doctors can review and share relevant tips with patients on social platforms, as well as using SMS and email. This helps in building an engaging relationship with patients.

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Share Health News

Internet provides access to many sites and apps that share health news for patients. Patients often do not know if a news is trustworthy and relevant to them, unless it comes from their own doctor. WhiteCoats provides timely and relevant patient focused health news, curated from evidence based indexed journals, and briefed in a manner that is easy for patients to understand. Doctors can share such news with patients on various social platforms, as well as using SMS and email.

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