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How to Engage Patients in Remote Locations

It is not that difficult to engage with your regular patients. All you need to do is ensure that some communication happens from time to time. But what kind of communication can occur between a doctor and their patients?


Here Is A Quick Guide On How To Engage Patients In Remote Locations:


Apart from visiting the location and making a physical presence felt, a doctor can always have his staff call and check on their patients about their health and well-being. This makes the patients feel connected with the doctors and their staff. These follow-up calls can also make the patients feel special. They think that their doctors/staff are putting in special efforts in checking on them.


Information on health tips, treatment conditions, etc., in regional languages in pamphlets/flyers, can be distributed with the doctor's branding that includes his name, contact details, specialization, etc... Seasonal topics such as ‘How to keep the body cool in winters’, ‘avoid cold in monsoons’, etc., can be addressed through these hand-outs.


Publishing patient education content in their own app/website may be another way to engage with the patients. These are better than a physical distribution of papers/pamphlets. This way, they always get a notification when a post is published on the app/website. The only requirement would be to get the patients to download the doctors' app.


With a Whatsapp Chatbot on the doctors' app, patients can also book appointments, re-schedule if necessary, share their feedback, read patient education content, talk to the staff, etc..


Small steps like those mentioned above will definitely be appreciated and acknowledged by the patients in remote locations.

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