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Facebook Business Profile for your Business

In today's world, the interaction between Doctors and Patients moved beyond consultation rooms, and many platforms are facilitating digital engagement between doctors and patients. With over a 2 billion user base, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms extensively used by healthcare practitioners and patients alike to share and access medical content.

What does it mean to your clinic?  

It means every 2 in 8 individuals in your locality are using Facebook extensively. It is indeed a very important platform to talk about your practice, share your insights and support the community in preventing many diseases.

Here’s how Facebook Business Profile can help your practice

Conducting Facebook Live Sessions - Most of us want to see or get some experience with a doctor before consulting with them. A Facebook LIVE feature will help in this regard. When you do these events frequently, your patients often get to see you and how you respond online during Q&A sessions. Also, Facebook Live sessions can give them an idea of how your practice looks and the measures you take while handling patients.

Running Facebook Ads – With a minimal budget, you can run ads for your practice and target your audience based on your speciality. A patient would like to see ads that they can relate to, which will make them want to like/follow/become a fan of your business page.

Share-able Content & Posts – When patients fan follow a doctor or a page, they need some content to help them make decisions. Patients also love reposting and sharing knowledgeable updates from the posts they follow. This will indirectly help you with a higher reach via your Facebook Business Profile.

Let Your Patients Reach Out – Patients want to connect and check your availability before reaching out to you. Your details such as consultation hours and phone number will be available. Your mobile number and address will let them call you from the app directly or use the address to reach your practice.

They will also be able to check reviews and ratings given by other patients. The better this is, the more patients are likely to reach out to you.

Strong Keywords for Better SEO – Search always has and will always be a strong feature. Hence, using the appropriate keywords in the ‘ABOUT’ patients can easily find you on Google and help with your ranking.

Minimum Budgets for Advertising & Better Patient Inflow – Patients are always looking on Google for the best doctor in their area/Pincode. Use the Facebook Business profile too for advertising to showcase your work. Patients can read/see all your practice, awards/recognitions, ratings and reviews, etc.

Use this to your Use the features of Facebook Business Profile and showcase your practice and brand to the right audience. You can benefit from this engaging business tool with minimum investment and time advantage and get more patient inflow.

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